Do You Have a Sleep Problem?

A lot of folks already understand the importance of a good night’s sleep. Achieving a deep snooze allows us to wake up rested, refreshed, and energized to start the day. On the other hand, not getting adequate sleep can lead to weight gain and other negative health issues. Not to mention, sleepiness puts us at greater risk for car wrecks and other accidents.

It’s important to know that during normal sleep, we cycle through REM and four stages of non-REM sleep multiples times a night. Maybe you remember that stage 1 of non-REM is the lightest and stage 4 is the deepest. The majority of adults are advised to get at least seven hours of quality sleep a night. Unfortunately, a lot of folks make the effort to get that sleep, only to find themselves tossing and turning throughout the night. From insomnia and sleep apnea to narcolepsy and sleepwalking, there are a number of sleep disorders that are difficult to work through.   

How Neurofeedback Can Help

It could be that you’ve previously tried to correct your sleep challenges with medications. However, an alarming percentage of sleep aids have habit-forming ingredients. At NeuraPerformance Brain Center, we’re changing the way Denver residents sleep. We are proud to use neurofeedback, a type of biofeedback that uses real-time displays of brain activity to teach self-regulation of brain function. Neurofeedback brain training exercises are geared toward targeting improvement in the following:

  • Motor planning
  • Auditory imagery
  • Expression
  • Language comprehension
  • Visual processing
  • And more

Keep in mind that, along with neuro-conditioning, neurofeedback can help improve sleep patterns. So if you dread going to bed at night because you know you won’t sleep well, it’s time to give neurofeedback a shot.  

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