Overview3Although we also offer services such as baseline testing, our four core technologies are what make NeuraPerformance unique and set us apart from other brain centers. These therapies can be used individually, in combination with one another, in packages, or á la carte. Our goal is to meet your needs through our technologies and therapies.


GyroStim is the only technology that combines multi-sensory processing exercises with vestibular stimulation in a brain training system. In the GyroStim, your body is rotated on multiple axes while you try to point a laser at targets throughout the environment. This groundbreaking technology is designed to challenge and improve your brain’s ability to perceive, process, and react to stimulation.


Neurofeedback provides measurable insight into the chemical and electrical activity within your brain. Our clinicians use these measurements to identify pathologies, deficits, and deviations from the norm, so they can design a program to fit your needs. These programs consist of neuro-conditioning exercises that target specific areas of brain function. Neurofeedback improves brain performance and normalizes behavior; it has even been effective as an ADHD treatment.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are oxygen-rich, pressurized environments used to increase the amount of oxygen dissolved into your blood plasma. This increase in oxygen can promote the healing of diseased tissue, general detoxification, and increased blood flow throughout your body. These chambers are often used to promote general brain health, workout recovery, increased energy, and improved focus.

Dynavision D2™

The D2 is an interactive light board that incorporates strenuous and explosive reactive physical movements with increasing levels of cognitive challenge to improve peripheral awareness, eye-hand coordination, and reaction time. D2 training routines are customizable, so we can design lifestyle and sport-specific programs for individuals of every ability level. The D2 is also a great aid in concussion recovery.

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