A valid baseline concussion test is the first step to effective concussion diagnosis and effective concussion treatment. NeuraPerformance is here to help.

Why Mobile Baseline Concussion Testing?

lpimage1The baseline testing exam provides a snapshot of a healthy brain before a head injury occurs. Comparing post-injury test results to baseline test results assists our team at NeuraPerformance in picking up on subtle cognitive changes in order to properly identify the effects of the injury and make more informed decisions regarding the best course of action for concussion recovery.

Baseline testing is also an important step in raising concussion awareness for athletes, parents, and coaches. The test is used to assess an athlete’s balance and brain function, including learning and memory skills, ability to concentrate, reaction time, and problem solving skills. It includes a scan for concussion symptoms as well as cognitive assessments.

We recommend that athletes of all ages take a baseline test pre-season, prior to risk of injury through training or competition. In the event a head injury occurs, the same test is taken again by the athlete, yielding comparative scores from before and after the injury.

Each head injury is unique, so it’s important to treat individuals on a case-by-case basis. If an individual has a baseline test to use for comparison, his or her post-injury test scores can be used much more effectively than if they were compared with an “average” score of the general population.

Based on research, the CDC recommends athletes repeat their baseline testing annually.

 NeuraPerformance offers baseline testing for individuals and teams. The cost is $45 per athlete.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information or to schedule your baseline testing session.

Mobile Baseline Testing in Denver

NeuraPerformance Brain Center is changing the game when it comes to baseline testing for the diagnosis and treatment of concussions. There is no longer any need for you to visit us in person to receive your baseline testing service. We’ll come to you! We are proud to introduce our newest service: the baseline testing mobile lab. We’re very excited about this service as it offers you convenience that is unheard of within the concussion treatment industry. Now, you can schedule your baseline test for a time most convenient for you, or you can even request mobile testing for the entire high school football team that you coach. We’ll park right next to practice!

Baseline Testing for Youth & Student Athletes

Once athletes reach the collegiate level, the NCAA requires at least one baseline concussion assessment prior to participation for every varsity level athlete, but the physicians at NeuraPerformance can’t help but worry about younger athletes, for whom no such requirement exists. If you’re a parent or a coach, we highly recommend pre-season baseline concussion testing for all of your young athletes. These tests make diagnoses and subsequent concussion treatments much simpler; if a child is hit, all we need to do is perform another test to be compared to the baseline, at which time we can decide whether or not the child’s brain is functioning as it is supposed to be.

Besides the clear benefits to the neurological health of young athletes, baseline testing also relieves much of the pressure put on coaches. Since the Jake Snakenberg Youth Concussion Act was passed in 2004, youth sports coaches are responsible for educating themselves on the signs of a concussion in order to protect young athletes from second impact syndrome, but every concussion is different, and diagnosis is not always straightforward. By investing in baseline testing for your youth sports team, you can deal with concussions on your team with confidence.


Now, with our mobile services, getting baseline tests for your
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