NeuraPerformance Brain Center is passionate about making our therapy and performance services affordable and accessible for everyone.

Comprehensive Performance Programs
NeuraPerformance offers an intensive, comprehensive brain training program based on four core technologies: GyroStim, Neurofeedback, HBOT, and Dynavision. This program combines our cutting edge modalities for maximum impact accomplished in a short period of time. The program consists of five consecutive days, using each of the four technologies each day.

Customized Therapy Programs
Starting with our four core technologies, NeuraPerformance will create a custom therapy regimen-designed to meet your specific goals or address specific symptoms and their underlying causes. These customized programs can range from weeks to months. We work with you closely to get you the help you need whether you’re seeking vertigo treatment or enhanced sports performance. We’ll also accommodate your schedule in a way that enhances rather than detracts from your life routine.