ARP Therapy

ARP therapy is an acronym standing for “accelerated recovery performance.” This modality is highly effective in helping to restore proper neurological function to a muscle or tissue that isn’t functioning or “firing” as it normally should. Treatment approaches consist of stimulating a dysfunctional nerve as jumper cables are able to do to a dead battery. It is a non painful conservative modality that helps many patients avoid surgical intervention as well as quickly helping restore functions of muscles and the joints they move.

Laser Therapy

NeuraPerformance is also the home of one of the strongest class IV lasers in Colorado and operated by Dr. McWhorter who is considered one of Aspen Lasers leading experts on treatment protocols utilizing laser technology. Laser does 6 main things for the patient: reduction of inflammation, reduction in pain levels, stimulation of blood flow to the injury, stimulation of nerve function, but the biggest thing laser does is facilitate an accelerated healing process through providing readily available energy to the cells responsible for healing damaged tissue. Treatments are often utilized in conjunction with chiropractic manipulation and other assisting musculoskeletal soft tissue treatments. Appointments take no longer than 15 minutes and individual or package rates are always an option. Laser is capable of treating a wide array of musculoskeletal chief complaints and even fractures with accelerated recovery and ability to return to activities limited by that injury, much faster. Laser is a way to help prevent surgery in some cases but also a fantastic modality for speeding up recovery for the post-surgical patient as well.


Rebuilder is a modality that is considered one of the best for restore peripheral neuropathies and inactive muscles. Rebuilder works by stimulating a functioning nerve on one side of the the body and sends a normal signal up to the spinal cord across the body and down to the lead attached to the nonfunctional nerve on the other side. Through numerous treatment (typically 10-30 treatments) a non-functioning nerve is retrained or rebuilt rather, to function once again. This is a great modality for the diabetic neuropathy patient, the post-chemotherapy patient or any peripheral nerve entrapment chief complaint. Rental units for in home use are also available once improvement has been seen following an initial in-clinic 10 treatment, treatment plan. Currently NeuraPerformance is one of the only facilities in Colorado with this modality.

 Chiropractic manipulation

Chiropractic manipulation is a conservative approach to realigning joints in the spine and any other joint in the body. Chiropractic helps restore normal joint function, improves range of motion, decreases pain and improves nervous function throughout the body. Chiropractic and neurology are very closely related and therefore often used not only for the musculoskeletal pain patient but also the neurological patients due to the strong correlation of cranial nerve function and the upper cervical spine. Dr. McWhorter is a board certified chiropractor who is trained and certified in Cox flexion-distraction, Thompson technique, Diversified technique, Logan Basic Technique and Gonstead Technique.
At NeuraPerformance we believe in a multi-faceted approach to address a patient’s chief complaint from every applicable angle dto better achieve faster resolution of both musculoskeletal and neurological chief complaints.