Taking your game to the next level typically requires many hours of practice, conditioning, and strength training. Yet peak sports performance is more than just your body’s physical shape. Achieving in sports is just as much a mental game as it is a physical one. And sometimes your mental health can help improve your physical health as well.

There are three services available at NeuraPerformance Brain Center that help improve your brain health that helps you increase your sports performance: Dynavision D2™, Baseline Concussion Testing, and GyroStim.

Dynavision D2

Known around the clinic as D2, this cutting-edge training device helps athletes improve reaction time, visual-motor coordination, and peripheral awareness. In short, D2 helps you make better, smarter, and faster decisions. It also means improved coordination and it can help a brain recover after suffering a concussion.

How It Works

Focusing on neuro and vestibular rehabilitation and training, the D2 connects cognitive and physical processing.

The D2 board is mounted on a wall. It contains 64 raised light switches arranged in five rings. The switches light up in two different colors and beep when pressed. Athletes stand in front of the board and are instructed to hit the switches with their hands as they light up. Sometimes the instructions will include to only hit lights of certain colors or there may not be a beep to reinforce the touch.

With each round, the D2 software records data to track performance and provide patterns to point out areas to improve.

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Baseline Concussion Testing

No matter what sport you play, you are susceptible to a concussion. One of the best ways to recover after suffering a concussion, or to track whether current treatment is effective, is to give yourself the gift of a baseline concussion test.

This snapshot of the brain helps assess an athlete’s initial function and balance, highlighting areas such as reaction time, ability to concentrate, memory skills, and problem solving skills. It is also a clear look at the brain prior to the concussion so that any head injury after the baseline test will be easier to spot and then treat.

This is especially helpful in young athletes but can serve as a strong benchmark for athletes of any level – even if you believe you’ve already experienced a concussion at some point in your life.

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How It Works

The baseline test is a run through on the D2 board. It tests reaction time, eye movement, and visual acuity to create a profile that can be shared with healthcare professionals in the event of an injury. The test is about two minutes long but can provide a lifetime’s worth of data.

If an athlete then suffers a head injury, athletes can repeat the D2 test and doctors are able to calculate a percentage deficit for each of the cognitive functions that have been tested. Then, recurring tests can help prove that an athlete is ready for the field when there is no longer a deficit.

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Athletes know the importance of three fundamental cognitive processes: perceive, process, react. GyroStim is a brain training exercise that incorporates motion, laser targets, and memory exercises in order to help improve and reinforce the aforementioned processes.

The goal of GyroStim is to push your brain through repetitious challenges in order to synchronize processing and reaction times. Essentially, it boils down to helping athletes think clearer, make better decisions, and perform at their absolute best.

How It Works

The GyroStim is a multi-axis rotating chair that spins you through space on the pitch axis and yaw axis. The pitch axis spins you as if you are doing somersaults; the yaw axis spins as if you were doing office chair spins. The goal is to use a laser pointer to hit targets as you are being spun on the pitch, yaw, or both axes at the same time.

As your ability increases, the levels will become more challenging and other memory exercises may be added to push your brain health to the next level. The goal is to combine different parts of your brain to work together and strengthen interactions that can then translate on the field.

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About NeuraPerformance Brain Center

We have two clinics in Denver, CO, to help athletes recover from concussion or improve their craft. Brain health is our primary focus at NeuraPerformance because it is the most important organ in the body. Nothing else would be able to function if it weren’t for the brain. Athletes are quite aware that human performance is driven by the brain.

Ultimately, we work with athletes of any level, from young dreamers beginning on their first teams to professional athletes, such as Colorado Rockies outfielder Charlie Blackmon. The truth is there is never a bad age to help train your brain to perform better.

For years NeuraPerformance has helped transform the lives of people who walk through our doors. NeuraPerformance started as Denver Sports Recovery but later switched its name and focus to welcome any person who may benefit from the services, instead of focusing solely on athletes. The entire team at NeuraPerformance is highly trained and quite passionate about brain health.

We invite you to visit us at one of our Denver clinics, reach out to us to schedule mobile baseline concussion testing, or contact us online to ask questions and learn more about how you can improve your brain health and, ultimately, your sports performance.