Anxiety and depression can overwhelmingly take over. Luckily, anxiety and depression can be treated. By focusing on brain health and developing strong neuro patterns, the brain develops positive stimulants that condition the brain away from anxiety and depression.

The goal of brain training is not to help you deal with the stress you may feel when you experience anxiety or depression. Instead, it is intended to teach your brain how to re-map itself when it senses the anxious and depressed feelings. Altogether, when a person experiences severe anxiety or depression, there is a part of the brain that is not doing its job to help keep you calm and present. Brain training helps establish these healthy pathways so you can recognize the signs and take the path away from anxiety and depression.

If you feel like you’ve tried every other type of treatment for your depression or anxiety, reach out to NeuraPerformance for brain training using our four core technologies: neurofeedback, HBOT, GyroStim, and Dynavision D2™.


This brain training exercise is one of the most impactful for treating depression and anxiety. Neurofeedback involves the user wearing a special cap that allows him to see their brain activity as they complete different exercises. With the immediate biofeedback, people are able to self-regulate a new way of thinking that helps stop the onset of anxiety or depression on the spot.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, commonly known as HBOT, is a therapy in which the person is exposed to three times as much oxygen as what is in the air we breathe. Situated in a chamber, the influx of oxygen helps increase blood flow and expedites cellular repair naturally. By giving the body what it needs to thrive – and taking away other natural pollutants for the short time – the brain experiences reduced irritability, impulsivity, and mood swings while many patients notice an increase in uplifting emotions, motor function, and IQ.


The GyroStim is a unique form of brain training therapy that helps users fight through a spinning discombobulation in order to focus on hitting a target. This helps treat anxiety and depression because these conditions often put people into a whirlwind that seemingly cannot be escaped; however, the GyroStim strengthens the neural pathways that find focus, which ultimately becomes the natural pathway to use when the feelings of anxiety or depression begin.

Dynavision D2™

The best result of the Dynavision D2, commonly called D2, is the change in simple choice reaction. For people with depression and anxiety, this means recognizing the signs of an attack and immediately choosing the neural pathway that leads to a calm ending. The D2 is a board filled with light switches which the user must hit as fast as possible, which is what helps strengthen the reaction pathways in the brain.

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