Neurofeedback therapy for bipolar disorder is in the early stages of research, but what has been learned so far is valuable to those who suffer from bipolar disorder. Like many other skills, brain activity can improve with feedback, training, and practice. Neurofeedback provides a unique outlet for people to get instantenous feedback about the electrical patterns occurring in the brain. Patients are then able to immediately use that feedback to train their brain to act in a different way.

People can use neurofeedback therapy to attempt to correct the source of the problem that causes bipolar disorder, as opposed to the use of medication that only treats the symptoms of the disorder. Those with bipolar disorder tend to have a brain abnormality in regards to memory and emotion. Neurofeedback therapy helps identify those specific areas through training sessions and help the patient think differently.

Each session takes place in front of a screen. The patient wears a neurofeedback cap that has many sensors that track the electrical patterns of the brain, which are immediately displayed on the screen. The EEG technology identifies the waves coursing through the brain, and as symptoms are triggered, the patient can begin to train their brain to respond differently, little by little.

In many cases, people have used neurofeedback therapy to reduce the amount of medication needed to manage bipolar disorder. Sometimes, people have found success through many neurofeedback therapy sessions and no longer need any medication to manage the disorder.

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