1. Former Bronco Jeb Putzier & NeuraPerformance

    At the age of 37, former tight end for the Denver Broncos Jeb Putzier fights a daily battle with the pain, memory loss, mood instability, and other exhausting symptoms associated with his concussion syndrome diagnosis. While other fathers his age thoughtlessly carry their youngsters around on their shoulders, Putzier knows the frustration of being in too much pain to even lift his children. After …Read More

  2. Research showing safest football and hockey helmets to prevent concussions

    NeuraPeformance Brain Center is concerned with your athlete’s Brian Health and that is why we have the moto “Your Child’s brain is the most important thing to us.”  We would like to share with you a research study done at Virginia Tech University School of Bio Engineering and Mechanics.  The research study evaluated football and hockey helmets to determine which helmets were the safest f…Read More

  3. Dynavision Visual Motor Board Therapy for Vestibular System Injury

    The Dynavision Visual Motor board or D2 is a unique light therapy board that was originally created as a sports enhancement tool. The board itself has grown into a key modality in helping rehabilitate vestibular and nuero-cognitive deficiencies. Each person usually has a blind spot in their vision that they may not know was ever there. Through blind spot map testing, we at NeuraPerformance can hel…Read More

  4. Preparing For A Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Session

    Do you have a hyperbaric oxygen therapy session scheduled with our Denver brain center or are considering giving this amazing technology a try? At NeuraPerformance Brain Center, we understand how nerve-racking it can be to try a new treatment for the first time, so we’ve decided to give you a few tips on preparing for your HBOT treatment series. There are a few things you should be aware of if c…Read More

  5. Common Signs & Symptoms Of Vestibular Disorders

    At NeuraPerformance Brain Center, one of our focuses is on vestibular rehabilitation to help the brain overcome its limitations. A vestibular disorder can result from damage to the vestibular system (inner ear and brain area), aging, disease, or injury. Overcoming the common signs and symptoms of vestibular disorders begins with diagnosis. Keep an eye out for the following signs in yourself or a l…Read More

  6. Don’t Believe These Myths About Concussions

    As we illustrated in a previous blog post, our understanding and treatment of concussions has changed quite a bit over the past years. Despite the increase of attention paid and research conducted, there are still many myths and misconceptions commonly held by the public. Review these three common myths about concussions so you can better understand your situation should you suffer one yourself. 3…Read More

  7. Dealing with Concussions

    A concussion is a traumatic injury that occurs to the brain inside of the skull, when it is impacted by a sufficient amount of force. The living brain is a soft, and almost “Jell-O-like substance” surrounded by fluid. A concussion can be caused by the brain bouncing off the skull, creating an injury to individual lobes of the brain. The pathways of the brain can be effected, due to these circu…Read More

  8. What is GyroStim?

    What is GyroStim, and how can it help you? NeuraPerformance is one of the few offices in the country that uses GyroStim therapy on a daily basis. The GyroStim is a multi-axis rotating chair that allows for a patient or client to be seated comfortably in the machine and securely fastened inside. The machine goes through pitch axis (somersault) and yaw (spin) movements. The GyroStim allows for vesti…Read More

  9. Five ways concussion awareness has changed over time

    Five ways concussion awareness has changed over time:   Then A player took a hard hit and got their bell rung. The coach would ask them what day it was, check their pupils, and ask them if they knew the score. If the eyes looked good and they answered the questions correctly, the player was sent back into the game. Now Players are pulled out of the game if a concussion is suspected and they a…Read More

  10. Train your BRAIN, change your LIFE

    If you haven't read the book, Change Your Brain Change Your Life, I would highly recommend it. Here at the NeuraPerformance Brain Center this is exactly what we help our clients facilitate. People come into our facility with a laundry list of issues and disorders. From insomnia, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, moodiness, headaches... we have seen it all. Through a specific and tailore…Read More