Neurofeedback and Sleep

Sleep is important for the repair and restoration process that maintains a healthy functioning mind and body. Neurofeedback helps the Central Nervous System (CNS) to release old and unhelpful patterns. This allows sleep to normalize. When sleep normalizes, memory works better, energy increases, and “brain fog” decreases. You have better attention, focus, and concentration. You will be less anxious about life and you will feel better about yourself. 

Neurofeedback (Biofeedback EEG) returns irregular sleep patterns to normal , improving both sleep quality and sleep efficiency. Getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis provides many benefits. At NeuraPerformance we have seen many people benefit from the training we do in regards to sleep.

Many times when there is a cognitive issue that impacts a person’s sleep, through our qEEG assessments we can figure out WHY this is happening. This provides much reassurance for our clients as many of them are frustrated and confused. Even when people are not complaining of sleep, on of the primary changes people will report is better quality of sleep, faster sleep onset, more remembering dreams, and feeling more rested when they wake up. Being able to help improve someones quality of sleep direct impacts many other areas of their lives. At Neuraperformance Brain Clinic one of the first things we will ask a client during their initial assessment is how they sleep. If there answer is anything but “great” we usually know where we will start treatment.