Better Motivation and Energy

Do you find yourself unmotivated and lethargic throughout the day? At times, diet and exercise alone just aren’t enough. Fortunately, NeuraPerformance Brain Center offers a variety of brain health training programs that challenge patients in a unique way that pushes them to better themselves each day.

If you’re interested in feeling more motivated and energized in everything you do, be sure to check out our four core technologies: neurofeedback, HBOT, GyroStim, and Dynavision D2™.


This biofeedback is unique in that it uses real-time displays of brain activity to teach self-regulation of brain function. These exercises are geared toward targeting improvement in specific functional areas of the brain such as motor planning, language comprehension, spatial orientation, and visual processing. One significant benefit of neurofeedback is that, along with neuro-conditioning, it can improve sleep patterns, help with anxiety/depression, and help relieve migraines or chronic pain. Plus, neurofeedback can aid in managing attention and emotions. Imagine how much more motivation and energy you would have if you were well rested, pain-free, and in an overall better mood.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

At NeuraPerformance, we believe in promoting the body’s own ability to heal. That’s just what happens with the HBOT. This could mean that a wound heals quicker or damaged tissues/cells are restored to optimal function. Keep in mind that for those seeking performance gains, HBOT delivers oxygen-rich blood throughout the brain and body in order to promote brain health and workout recovery. The end result is greater energy, focus, and motivation.


If you’re an elite athlete, you can’t afford for your motivation and focus to waver. That’s where GyroStim comes into play. Users immerse themselves in a dynamic brain training environment that presents cognitive and physical challenges to help synchronize and improve the brain’s processing and reaction time skills. Whether you’re hoping to make better decisions, perform at peak level, or just think more clearly, you may be a good candidate for GyroStim.

Dynavision D2™

Recently, D2 has emerged as a go-to device for neuro and vestibular rehabilitation. This brain training device records patient responses to visual, gross motor, and neurocognitive tasks. It’s important to know that D2 training improves reaction times, visual-motor coordination, as well as peripheral visual awareness. It’s no secret that D2 can serve as a major energy and motivation booster.