Better Attention and Focus

There are many reasons why someone would want to improve their attention and focus. It could be that they experienced a significant injury, are forced to cope with a disease, or just want to perform better. For years, NeuraPerformance has helped folks think more clearly and make better decisions. As an elite athlete, imagine what kind of impact this would have on game day. As a business professional, think of how much more productive you could be with a clearer head.

Our brain training experts invite you to reach out to our team and ask about our four core technologies: neurofeedback, HBOT, GyroStim, and Dynavision D2™.


This brain training exercise can be very helpful with improving one’s focus. You can feel comfortable knowing that neurofeedback scanning is completely safe and painless. Patients wear a cap that houses electrodes, which are positioned to correspond to the areas of the brain. The training is based on the plan developed from your initial scans. The exercise uses real-time displays of brain activity, so patients can self-regulate a new way of thinking that improves focus on the spot.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Commonly known as HBOT, this involves breathing in a pressurized room or tube in which the air pressure is increased to three times higher than normal. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is so effective because it promotes the body’s own natural ability to heal. Whether it’s the healing of diseased tissue or detoxification, HBOT can work wonders. It’s actually pretty simple how it works. Oxygen therapy delivers oxygen-rich blood throughout the brain and body in order to promote brain health and workout recovery. This leads to greater energy and focus.    


If you’ve wanted to improve reaction time, this is the surefire way to do it. Brain training with GyroStim simultaneously reinforces perception, processing, and reacting, all of which work together for optimal human performance.  

Dynavision D2™

The Dynavision D2™ measures patient performance and records the data to track improvement. Brain training with this cutting-edge device improves reaction times, visual-motor coordination, and peripheral awareness. For athletes, in particular, there isn’t a more effective way to enhance focus and attention skills.