1. Research showing safest football and hockey helmets to prevent concussions

    NeuraPeformance Brain Center is concerned with your athlete’s Brian Health and that is why we have the moto “Your Child’s brain is the most important thing to us.”  We would like to share with you a research study done at Virginia Tech University School of Bio Engineering and Mechanics.  The research study evaluated football and hockey helmets to determine which helmets were the safest f…Read More

  2. Five ways concussion awareness has changed over time

    Five ways concussion awareness has changed over time:   Then A player took a hard hit and got their bell rung. The coach would ask them what day it was, check their pupils, and ask them if they knew the score. If the eyes looked good and they answered the questions correctly, the player was sent back into the game. Now Players are pulled out of the game if a concussion is suspected and they a…Read More

  3. Nicole Hensley beats Russia

    NeuraPerformance is so excited to congratulate our Nicole Hensley, the ice hockey goalie for the USA Women’s National Team.  USA beat Russia 8-0 tonight with Nicole posting a shutout.  She has been coming to NeuraPerformance for brain training to improve her sports performance as a goalie utilizing our Gyrostim and Dynavision.  Nichole utilized the Gyrostim to slow the game down.  The abilit…Read More

  4. Concussion Signs and Symptoms

    Concussion Signs and Symptoms If any of your athletes, teens, or adults show one or more of these signs and symptoms listed below or if they just don’t feel right after a blow, jolt, or impact to the head, they could possibly have a concussion or brain injury. Observed Concussion signs: Answers questions slowly Unable to follow instructions Unsure of score, opponent, or time of game Loses consci…Read More

  5. Advantages of GyroStim

    Gyrostim Neuraperformance Brain Center is one of 20 locations worldwide that can boast of owning a GyroStim.  The GyroStim is a state of the art, computer-controlled, multi-axis rotating chair.  It looks like it belongs in NASA as an aid in training astronauts and when strapped in, it feels like you are sitting in a F16 seat.  The Gyrostim spins you upside down, backwards and sideways. The Air …Read More

  6. Jake Snakenberg Youth Concussion Act

    Jake Snakenberg Youth Concussion Act   What is the Jake Snakenberg Youth Concussion Act On September 18, 2004 a freshmen football player at Grandview High School named Jake Snakenberg sustained his second concussion in a week’s time during a football game. After being rushed to the ER, Jake passed away due to a traumatic brain injury. The injury stemmed from what is called Second Impact Syn…Read More