1. Treating Addiction With Neurofeedback Part 2

    Read part one on this topic to learn what addiction is and what it is not. Treating addiction poses the same challenge as treating just about anything else, and that is discovering the ideal treatment for each individual. In this case, that means figuring out how to best promote the consistent cessation of drug or alcohol use, but what works well for some may not work at all for others. If you’v…Read More

  2. Treating Addiction With Neurofeedback Part 1

    If you have personally struggled with addiction or know someone who has, then you understand that the journey to recovery is often long and emotional. Many people who struggle with addiction have tried the typical treatment programs to find that they just don’t work for them. Here at NeuraPerformance Brain Center, we want to offer you another type of solution through neurofeedback therapy, but b…Read More

  3. HBOT Benefits For Athletes

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has many benefits for patients who opt for this treatment, but there are a number of benefits that offer specific advantages to athletes, such as faster post-workout recovery times. If you’re an athlete living in the Denver area, keep reading to learn about the benefits you could be experiencing through hyperbaric oxygen therapy at our Denver brain center. We are proud …Read More

  4. 3 Interesting Myths About The Brain

    As Denver’s neurofeedback experts, it should come as no surprise that we’re a big family of brain nerds over here at NeuraPerformance Brain Center. If it’s related to the health, function, or healing of the brain, we want to know about it! Even though humans have been studying the brain for centuries, it always surprises us how many old fashion myths still persist around this most important …Read More

  5. Treating Insomnia With Neurofeedback

    What is Insomnia? Insomnia is defined as an inability to get to sleep or to stay asleep, but people often experience insomnia in different ways. Some may find it difficult to fall asleep in the first place while others may wake up too early and be unable to get back to sleep despite still feeling tired. There are many possible causes of insomnia, including psychiatric or medical conditions, unheal…Read More

  6. Why Do We Need Oxygen? Part 2

    In a previous blog post, we discussed the role of oxygen within the body and why we need it in order to survive. Do you remember how the body’s cells synthesize ATP to energize its functions? This process occurs within the mitochondria, an organelle found in most cells. Unfortunately, age, poor diet and lifestyle choices, and stress factors can all deplete a cell’s mitochondria, which means th…Read More

  7. Neuroplasticity and Neurofeedback

    In a previous post about neuroplasticity, we discussed the brain’s ability to reorganize and otherwise adapt to circumstantial or environmental changes, but how does neurofeedback therapy help you take advantage of this? It’s all about your brainwaves and learning to self-regulate them. Keep reading to learn more about brainwaves and how neurofeedback can help you take control over your brain.…Read More

  8. Why Do We Need Oxygen? Part 1

    We are all essentially born with the understanding that oxygen is required for us to survive. Some of us become hyper aware of this fact after falling off of boat docks when we were kids or show off this fact by seeing who can hold their breath the longest before passing out (kids, right?). What many of us fail to understand, however, is exactly WHY we need oxygen to survive. Why do we get lighthe…Read More

  9. What is Neuroplasticity?

    Until recently, the accepted belief among both the scientific community and the public was that the adult brain is a static organ, hardwired to behave in a certain way based on the results of the developmental stages throughout childhood and adolescence. For example, it was once believed that the brain ceased to make new neural connections after reaching a certain developmental period. Modern tech…Read More

  10. What’s It Like To Sit In A Hyperbaric Chamber?

    In past posts we've talked about the benefits of oxygen therapy in a hyperbaric chamber, including its possible use as an alternative treatment for cancer patients. Most people understand the concept that breathing pure oxygen can have a positive impact on their health, but what they really want to know is what the hyperbaric chamber experience is really like. That’s why we’ve put together a f…Read More