Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States today. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) confirms that nearly 40 million American adults are affected by anxiety. Many folks who struggle with anxiety just ignore it and settle living a life they don’t really enjoy. The brain training experts at NeuraPerformance Brain Center can help if you have anxiety on a regular basis.

The Benefits of Neurofeedback

We are huge believers in neurofeedback. This biofeedback uses real-time displays of brain activity to teach self-regulation of brain function. More specifically, neurofeedback allows us to measure and monitor the brain’s activation level in response to different types of stimulation. From there, we can identify certain pathologies, deficits, or deviations from the norm and create a brain training program specifically for you.

Consider that neurofeedback exercises target improvement in functional areas of the brain, including those responsible for handling anxiety. The process is actually pretty simple. We set you down in a comfortable, quiet room, in front of a computer screen. You will put on a cap that houses electrodes which are positioned to correspond to the areas of the brain you will be training based on the plan developed from your scans. It’s at this point where the brain training begins. As you watch a video on the screen, your brain “responds” to what you see. The better you do with the exercise, the more visual and auditory “rewards” you receive.

Neurofeedback and conditioning translate to improved brain performance, normalized behavior, and stabilized mood and well-being. A recent 25-year-old female patient of ours came to NeuraPerformance with bipolar disorder. Here’s what she has to say about neurofeedback: “It changed my life! I found freedom from prescription medication, insomnia, anxiety, fear, bipolar mood swings, and anger. It opened my brain and allowed me to connect with a higher power. My entire life has improved so drastically. I no longer feel like I am disconnected. I have control over my emotions. Even my balance and coordination improved!”

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