We all get ticked off every now and then. Unfortunately, many people go about their day-to-day lives filled with anger and rage. As a result, it’s not uncommon for these folks to struggle at work or school, let alone keeping relationships. NeuraPerformance Brain Center can help you improve your mood with innovative, effective brain training.

What to Know About Neurofeedback  

When we break down the word ‘neurofeedback,’ it translates to ‘feedback relating to the nerves or nervous system.’ What does that mean exactly? Well, neurofeedback uses real-time displays of brain activity to teach self-regulation of brain function. By measuring and monitoring the brain’s activation level in response to different types of stimulations, we can identify certain pathologies, deficits, or deviations from the norm. Our team can then come up with an individualized brain training program of neuro-conditioning exercises.

While these exercises may be designed to target improvement in functional areas of the brain, they can also be beneficial in managing attention, emotions, and overall mood. Here’s what to expect with neurofeedback. You will sit in a comfortable chair, in a quiet room, in front of a computer screen. Next, you put on a cap that houses electrodes which are positioned to correspond to the areas of the brain you will be training based on your plan. It’s on to the actual brain training from there. As your brain responds to the video that plays, you will receive visual and auditory “rewards” based on how well you do with the exercise. Keep in mind that the combination of neurofeedback and conditioning leads to improved brain performance, normalized behavior, and stabilized mood.

Says a recent 19-year-old male patient who struggled with anger issues and impulsivity, “I was on so many drugs (Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta, Wellbutrin, Clonidine, Risperdal, Trileptal). I had no friends and always got into trouble at school. After neurotherapy, I feel calm and happy. Life is better, I have friends, I am doing good in school. I get along with my parents and siblings better than ever before. I am off almost all of my medication.”

Don’t let anger issues consume you any longer. Call now to schedule your appointment.