1. Contact Us

    Schedule your free 30-minute consultation to see our facility and determine if a NeuraPerformance program is right for you. Demos of some of our technologies can also be scheduled upon request. During the consultation with one of our practitioners we will discuss your needs, answer any questions, and determine the best course of treatment by using one or more of our technologies: NeurofeedbackGyroStimHyperbaric Oxygen Treatment, or Dynavision D2™, or anything else we see fit.  

  2. Assessment

    • Brain mapping
      Depending on your goals for working with us, your assessment might also include a brain mapping session to provide our clinician further insight into designing an effective NeuraPerformance program for you.            
    • Goal setting
      Whether you are with us for PTSD treatment, for vestibular therapy, or to enhance your sports performance, your experience at NeuraPerformance will be driven by your specific goals for change and improvement. We help you define what those goals are and show you the best ways to measure and monitor your progress.
  3. Training

    We create a custom training plan for you that includes any or all of our four core technologies. We work with you to build a training schedule around your plan and then get down to work on reaching your training goals.

  4. Reassessment

    We monitor your progress and evaluate your symptoms at every visit, readjusting as needed to keep you on track for reaching your goals. We may also arrange for a follow-up brain mapping session.